Meet Regina Makai. Regina is currently on our sponsorship program, being supported by Delta Kappa Gamma Society and pursuing a Junior Secondary Teaching Diploma, majoring in English and Physical Education. With a ready smile for anyone who approaches her and a warm aura that puts all at ease, one would never guess the arduous […]


only 6.8 percent of individuals across the country reported to know how to use a computer […]

Self-Help is the best Help

As you can probably ascertain from our slogan, RN believes in empowering communities with knowledge in order for them to be able to create sustainable income generating activities. In a bid to encourage communities to sustain the activities that they start up through our sensitization, it is important to give them all the […]

2020 Enrollment Roll-Out

Give a man a fish, he eats for a day but teach him how to fish and he eats for a lifetime. This sentiment can be applied to many facets of life and can also be applied to education. If a child does not go to school, he/she becomes heavily dependent on their parent […]

Self-Help Activities Change The Face of Jokwe Community

Jokwe is a name of the School with an enrollment of more than 250 pupils and it acts as a central place for 8 villages in Chief Simwatachela Chiefdom of Zimba district. It is about 75 Kilometers from Kalomo town, along the road going to Mapatizya, an Amethyst mining area in the district.



Check out the gallery below from our partner organization, Academic Work’s recent visit to Zambia where we went into the rural areas of Southern Province to the villages of Chinkonzya and Mabwa and the barbeque with the sponsorship girls that they so generously support through their #onepercent movement!


Just a little bit of HOPE

As most of us know by now, RN in collaboration with SMISO Tromso has been running an exchange program called HOPE, which is an acronym for Hope, Opportunity, Participation, Empowerment. Two participants from Zambia are sent to work at RN and two Zambian participants are sent to Norway.

The idea being to exchange knowledge […]


Who doesn’t love a good exhibition or fair or pop up market. Knowing me, I wouldn’t miss the opening of an envelope at this point. So when the Community Education Program (CEP) team told me that they would be heading out to not one, but two exhibitions, I just had to tag along.



Fire safety is an essential topic and it is imperative that one know what to do in case of a fire. You know the old saying, and I’m paraphrasing here, better to know something and not need to use that knowledge than not to have that knowledge and actually need it.

With the […]

Good jobs require better education, Broms

VERY good jobs require better education for children and adults all throughout life, says Academic Work’s Michael Broms.

And Ddabali Educational Zone Head James Nanjame says without the support of Sweden’s Academic Work the community of Siakabanze would not have managed to have a teacher’s house constructed at the school.

Speaking when a delegation […]