Pictures from our visit to Zambia 2010

In April eleven Academic Work colleagues from Sweden, Norway, Finland and Germany went to Zambia to visit Respone Network and the schools we are supporting. For two amazing days we visited five schools, met hundreds of children and slept in a tent in the middle of the African nowhere.

Malin, Emma, Cecilia, […]

Handover of Mabwa Community School

Response Network senior facilitations officer handing over Mabwa Community School to the community

Mabwa Community School extension of 2 classes to make a 1×3 classroom block

Mabwa community school has been completed. The school was handed over to the community on 14th May 2010. The handover ceremony was attended by the […]

Tumango Community School

Litress(l) and Collen(r) at Tumango Community School

Tumango Community School

Collen Sicaabi

The boy seated is Collen Sicaabi; he was born in 1991 in Muhingwa village. His father died when he was 7years old and he started staying with his grandmother. Life was not easy with his grandmother for she […]

Appeal for sponsorship

Irene is a double orphan aged 19; she lost her mother 5 years ago and her father 2 years ago. Irene is being kept by her cousin who is disabled; he uses a wheel chair and is unable to do any kind of work.

Irene is unable to go to […]