Sunday cruise

We went for a boat tour on the river with Haakon






















































































Me, some elephant poop and Haakon – the only one in town who dares to take a swin in Zambezi. ” I just take a look, and if I see no crocs or hippos I jump in”
































Saturday night out

Except from African tunes and rythm, people in Livingstone fancy some more delicate ballads.












Being in Zambia, makes you think and a lot about different ways of living and the lottery of life. Of course, some people here are having a decent situation, but the poverty is widely spread and a major majority.  The people behind RN have worked with developing aid in different countries for almost 30 years. The [...]


Since working hours here are similar to home, Monday to Friday 8-17, we use the weekends to find out more about the surroundings.

This weekend we went to a little island in Zambezi River between Zambia and Zimbabwe. An oasis in the jungle. Sleeping in little fishing huts, totally open except from some roof of grass. Listening [...]


Today it came – the first rain for the season! A cool addition to the heat!














Home visits

As a side project to village self-help programs, RN in a partnership with Academic Work support orphaned girl´s possibility to go to school in what RN calls; Sponsorship Program (earlier Kubala Girls).

As a co-worker at AW I get the chance to give 1 % of my salary to orphans. The money goes to school fee´s, [...]

Read about Haakon and RN i Norske Dagbladet idag


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Slowly adapting to the Zambian way of living










Downtown Livingstone



































Monday meeting at the office

Monday meeting and all the staff are gathered at the office in Livingstone