So, everything comes to an end. Sadly. After a fantastic time in Zambia, we are now about to leave. It´s been a memorable time and it will probably take lots of time to digest all impressions. If ever.

It´s been interesting to see the impressive work Response Network makes for the people in Zambia. RN […]


RN has a wide network of local volunteers in the villages where they are running the self help programs. These volunteers are the communicative link between RN and villagers. They are key players for enable implementation of the programs as they know the households and the specific challenges in their home village.

As the year […]


We were honored to join Frayor and Calleb to church. It was nice to get a glimpse of how the Zambians spend their weekends – a day full of friendship, music, praying and bible studies. The service last from early morning until sunset, although we did a shorter version and joined in for five hours.



Response Network´s homepage has got a little make over.

Have a look and come back with feedback or improvements!

Christmas Party!

The Day has come! Happy faces, good food, hundreds of people – only Santa himself who was absent.

Girls in line to get in

Was taught how to dance the African way


Line for food

Just finished 8th grade – wants to become a […]


This weekend we will have a big Christmas party for all the 950 orphaned girls in the Sponsorship program. Academic Work is the host of the party. They want to give the girls something extra now upon Christmas, as occasions like this are rare elements to these girls.

Now, preparations are in full swing!