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Nyarai trying to play the guitar

Every year Response Network receives sports volunteers from NIF. For the period 2012-2013 we recieved 2 females, Nyarai and Theresa from Zimbabwe and Norway respectively. During one of their sports programme in a village Theresa purchased a guitar made from wood at a […]

Joy of a sponsored girl

The Academic work team that visited Zambia had an opportunity to meet some of the sponsored children. The meeting was sheduled for 2pm but the girls started arriving at the office as early as 11am. The excitement of them meeting their sponsors could be heard in their songs and laughter.They could not keep the joy […]

Academic Work visit

13 staff from Academic Work visited Zambia and had an opportunity to spend a night at a village and visit some projects that are being funded by Academic work. Their first stop was at Mutumbi which is 130km from the main road. After veiwing a classroom and office, they moved to Kakopa where the night […]

Leadership Roles

She is a single orphan but has not lost the confidence to work hard and help her school. In Zambia, Prefects help the school administration by ensuring that all school roles are followed and act on behalf of a teacher when there is need. Only well disciplined and hardworking pupil are chosen as […]