Partners and Information meeting

The Country Director during a presentation

On the 24th May Response Network held a meeting for all its partners. The meeting was held at Courtyard hotel, it started at 14hrs. In attendance were government officials from different departments, other Non governmental Organisations and Response Network Advisory board members. The plan for 2013 and […]

I can now go anywhere….

Response Network has of late been having a bit of a challenge in transport, this year it was resolved that a motorbike be bought for administration staff. The motorbike has been purchased and all administration staff have been advised to train how to ride the motorbike. Office Manager Frayor, did not show any interest in […]

self help village bank

RN has partnered with KnH of Germany which supports the implementation of a very well established Self-Help method called the Self Help Group. This approach has many similarities with the main RN approach, but puts more emphasis on the children, through working with the poorest of the women and gives them opportunities to improve their […]

Moving with Technology

3 years ago only the Director, Frayor and 2 other office staff had access to computers. Thanks to Academic work that bring us laptops every year. Now all office and field staff have a computer each. Reporting and sharing information has been made easy.

Field staff during a departmental meeting


During a […]