Academic Work visit

It was another joyous moment for Response Network as they were again visited by “Home of the Young Professionals”, Academic Work of Sweden. The team which arrived in Zambia on the 19th of March, 2014 had one but solid mission of familiarizing themselves with some of projects that they were supporting and also meet the […]

Pride of the sponsorship programme

Grace Akufuna wrote her grade 12 examinations, which is the highest level in the Zambia Secondary education. In Zambia the highest point’s one can get is 6 points, called excellent. And 7 is second best. (In Norway it would be 5). Grace obtained 6 points . This is a great achievement and we are all […]


The Wednesday February 26, 2014…waffle Wednesday, was graciously, amiably, genially, courteously graced by the visiting Oslo University students who joined in the social event. The event which is a weekly gathering brings Response Network (RN) and Community Based Rehabilitation (CBR) staff for refreshments with a small talk and at the same time aims at consolidating […]