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As a co-worker at Academic Work you can choose to give 1 % of your paycheck to orphaned girls possibility to education. Your money goes to school fees, uniforms, shoes, books and material. Fee´s no other adult can pay for. Thanks to this sponsorship from individual co-workers, the program today includes 950 orphans. By giving 1 % of your salary you make it possible for about 5-10 orphans to go to school.

This weekend – over 300 of the girls from 5 different schools walked a long distance to meet the co-workers from Academic Work. In a rare emotional moment the purpose of the program gets very close. You realize the crucial difference you make for these children.
























































































































As near as every week, an aunt, a grandmother or another relative to an orphaned girl, is knocking on the door to Response Network´s office. The question is almost always the same; they wonder if there is any chance for their girl to be a part of the Sponsorship program (Kubala girls). Most often they will be rejected in terms of full programs. They are added to the waiting list, which today has over 100 names.

You can be one of them who help to cut the waiting list. Your donation has a great impact of these orphans’ lives!


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