Moving with Technology

3 years ago only the Director, Frayor and 2 other office staff had access to computers. Thanks to Academic work that bring us laptops every year. Now all office and field staff have a computer each. Reporting and sharing information has been made easy.

Field staff during a departmental meeting

Field staff during a departmental meeting


During a Departmental meeting, all field staff had their laptops and this reduced the cost of stationery for RN because there was no need of printing minutes. They all had it on their laptops…….

Our dream now is to open a computer lab for our girls on the sponsorship program.

3 comments to Moving with Technology

  • Jens Nordquist

    It´s great to see that you get to use the computers that we provide. Let´s work for the Computer Lab to the girls!

  • RNElizabeth

    With hard work and determination we will surely have a computer lab for the girls.

  • Frayor

    Thank you Jens for your intention to work towards the achievement of our dream – COMPUTER LAB!

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