Pride of the sponsorship programme

Grace Akufuna wrote her grade 12 examinations, which is the highest level in the Zambia Secondary education. In Zambia the highest point’s one can get is 6 points, called excellent.  And 7 is second best. (In Norway it would be 5).  Grace obtained 6 points . This is a great achievement and we are all very happy.  She has been under the sponsorship program for 2 years now. Grace is a single orphan, she has no mother though her father is alive but she has never stayed with him, all she knows is that he is alive and lives in the central part of Zambia.  The relative who keeps her also lost his job recently so life is hard.

Grace Akufuna having a chat with Response Network Director, Håkon Spigseth


With such good results Grace wants to study medicine and become a surgeon.  Her second priority would be to become a nurse or clinical officer.  With such fantastic good school results her future would normally look very bright.  But in Zambia, and it`s a big challengeto  pay for the cost of further education. Most of the support we are getting towards sponsorship is so far tied up in supporting orphan girls in primary and secondary school.  Our challenge is therefore now to find a sponsor who would like to pay for her costs in University or College!

Grace Akufuna

Grace Akufuna

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