Response Network does it again!!

The Southern Province Tourism and Agricultural Show (STACS) for 2014 was held from 17th to 20th July, 2014 under the theme: “Attitude Transformation for a vibrant future” This show takes place every year with tour operators, business houses, Non Governmental Organizations and Government ministries showcasing their merchandise  and/or services they offer to the community.

It is also referred to as ‘Kumusanza show’ in tonga which is translated as ‘The Southern Province Show’ This year’s show was the best attended ever.    

Response Network though working in Kazungula district, has its office in Livingstone hence has been participating in this show for the past three years. Last year Response Network scooped the third prize in the NGOs category.

Response Network employees recieving the award

Response Network employees receiving the award


This year Response Network scooped the first prize emerging as the overall best winners in the NGOs category beating more than 15 other NGOs. Good organization and strong team work could be said to be the reasons for the success as the organization did not leave any stone unturned and also to chance. From the word go, unity became the umbrella and slogan for the organizers as everything just fell in place at all times. The presentation to the judges was just a marvel to watch. In just 2014, Response Network boasts of two (2) shields in its cabinets from the Kazungula and Southern province shows. They say when you are good, you are good and for sure and without doubt, the show organizing team must be commended by all for the job well done.

Response Network stand

Response Network stand

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