Resource Center

The resource center which was sponsored by our partners at Academic Work is fully functional and is being put to great use. Our sponsorship girls are thrilled that they can come and study in the center when they aren’t at school and they are even more tickled because we enlisted a tutor who comes in to come teach them various computer skills and about internet and computer safety which is always very important especially in this day and age where not everyone on the web is as they seem.

The resource center is open to girls after they knock off from school or if they have an off day during exams to come read some of the books that are on display in the center or to catch up on the homework they received from school or simply to study for their exams or in general. The Kubala girls are enjoying the use of the laptops that they have access to during their tutoring sessions. Their tutor, Mizinga, says he sees much potential in the girls and they are much more computer savvy than people give them credit for. His classes are informative and he often gives the girls pop quizzes to keep them on their toes and to help them think on their own.

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