RN @ 10

Response Network has been around for a while now. 10 years as a matter  of fact. That’s right, Response Network is celebrating its 10 year anniversary. This is quite a feat considering a lot of companies haven’t managed to reach such a milestone. We will be taking a look back at some of the momentous achievements RN has had as we get closer to our anniversary date of 30 October 2015. We will be having sports tournaments between now and then in the districts of Kalomo and Kazungula. The chosen teams will compete in two sporting events, football and netball. The winners will receive shiny new trophies and so no one feels left out, all the participants will receive medals.

We will take you on this journey with us as we travel to the different districts and it will feel like you are there with us the entire way. Don’t miss out on all our updates right here on this blog as well as on our social media platforms which are facebook as Response Network and Instagram as response_network.

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