Norwegian Church Aid Visit

22nd February 2016 was an incredibly busy day at Response Network’s Livingstone office. Representatives from the Norwegian Church Aid’s (NCA)) Oslo office, Lusaka office as well as  students and a teacher from Eidsvoll High School in Norway were in attendance to visit Nalombe to view the area which well be home to a brand new school supported by NCA.

This support will be raised by students and coordinated by NCA. The group of visitors was led by RN Director, Håkon Spigseth.

The visitor’s first stop was at Makumba Community School, where the visitors were impressed with the way in which the school was organized. We had a brief stop in Zimba District and arrived at Siamundele at 13:20 hours and were received by a large group of people who were singing and dancing in welcome.

After dinner, we slept in tents which were erected in the pole built classroom. The following day ( Tuesday) was a day of more activities. A meeting was conducted which started at 10:20 hours and was attended by a large group of people who were singing and dancing in welcome.

The visitors were happy when interviewed and the community is very much looking forward to the next visit so that they can start building the school.

The purpose of the visit was to get familiar with the Nalombe Community and to see how prepared they were to build a school classroom if given the money/building materials.



In the words of Buildings Officer/Disability Facilitator, Caleb Chabauni

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