Sponsor appreciation day

The phrase charity begins at home is often misconstrued and we all know that sometimes people have to dig really really deep in order to find the compunction to give selflessly to another human being. The people at Academic Work are shining examples of kindness and selflessness. Currently at Response Network, we have about 750 girls under the sponsorship program. These girls are orphans or double orphans and some of the stories they have are truly heartbreaking and are a reminder that we should be grateful for everything we have. Even though the circumstances that these girls live in are less than favorable, they still always have wide smiles on their faces and are jovial through it all.

The girls took some time out to give a vote of thanks to their sponsors, we’ll be publishing these letters from time to time, starting with letters for Kena Mulonda and Mary Chewe from Namatama Basic School.

Their letters read as follows:

“Dear Academic Work, How are you at this moment in time. I hope you are fine and that you keep helping Response Network. I am thankful that through you and Response Network, i have been given shoes, uniform, socks and books. God will bless you and keep you well so that you may be able to help more people like me. I also wish that i will grow up to be like you and be able to help people in the same manner. Thank you for everything that you have done for me. Goodbye. Mary Chewe.”

Then there is Kena’s letter:

“Hello Academic Work, how are you on this lovely day, I hope you are fine and that God will continue to bless you for the rest of your lives. May God bless you for the hard work you put in to be able to sponsor poor people like me. Thank you for everything that you have done for me, like affording me the opportunity to receive a uniform, shoes, socks and books. Please continue your good works. Thank you very much for supporting my education. I am doing very well at school and when i finish, i want to become a cabinet minister (in the government). May God add a million blessings to your lives for the blessings you give to others. Kena Mulonda”.

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