2016 Labor Day

Labor Day is celebrated annually on May 1st and this year the RN staff took Zimba by storm. With all of us dressed to the nines (some might even say to the tens) we all crammed into the cars to make it to Zimba in time. Thankfully the journey was not that long and we made good time and arrived relatively wrinkle free and still in good spirits.

The festivities were set to commence at half past seven but alas we arrived and found that the program had not started yet. In true RN fashion, we chose to seize the day and not waste precious time loitering about. So we headed to the site of what will be a very special project, the Tore Memorial School. The groundbreaking for the school will be on May 6th. We checked out the site, which is massive, and then headed back to the labor day ceremony. We got to the venue and sat down to go through the process of speeches. There was an amusing character, a Union representative who made the speeches actually amusing. After the speeches, came the awards presentation portion where the organizations and companies present award the employee or employees they feel are the most hardworking, most improved, most punctual, etc.  This year, our security officer, Muyunda Sizamo was awarded as the most hardworking employee. He received a certificate and a display cabinet to the value of K1000. He was beaming from ear to ear as he received his certificate, which made me a tiny bit envious but happy for him none the less, hey there’s always next year i suppose (fingers crossed). Our labor day celebration ended with a trip back to Livingstone and lunch which was yummy and then sadly it was all over.

Til next year, in the meantime, enjoy these pics and don’t forget to head over to our social media pages. Facebook: response network and Instagram: response_network

Muyunda showing off his brand new certificate

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