Kazungula Agricultural Show 2016

The period of June-July is one that we’re always really excited about here at RN because in addition to the inevitable running around like headless chickens trying to beat report deadlines rush, it is also what we’ve dubbed ‘show season’. We recently participated in the Kazungula (60 km from Livingstone) Agricultural show on June 23rd and 24th and were honored with the first place trophy.

A quick rundown of these shows. Shows such as this one is where organizations, companies, government departments, etc. exhibit their goods and/or services. We were there to showcase what we do best and we invited a few community clubs that have started up due to RN to also exhibit their goods and services. Take a look below and on our social media pages to see just how we managed to snag that coveted first prize position, it was not easy i tell you but anything is possible with teamwork. Next up is the Southern Tourism, Agriculture and Commercial Show aka STACSS which will be held right here in Livingstone and where RN was again rewarded with the first place trophy in the NGO category! Fingers crossed that we can keep this streak going.

Preparations before show

women's club displaying

women's group at the show

goods on display

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