Sponsorship Appreciation Day part two

In April we had a blog post titled ‘sponsor appreciation day’ where we published two letters from sponsorship girls aka kubala girls Mary Chewe and Kena Mulonda. This is part two of the appreciation series and this time we have two letters from two of our girls from Namatama Basic School.

This is what Sharon has to say to her sponsors,
Dear Academic Work, how are you by this lovely time of moment. I hope you are fine and i also hope that God continues to bless you for the rest of your lives for sponsoring poor girls like me and giving me the opportunity to be educated. Thank you for paying my school fees and supplying me with all the tools i need for school. God will surely bless you for all you do.
I wish to one day be part of an organization such as Academic Work so that i can also add value to other people’s lives and i pray that i will one day be able to meet all of you.”
Sharon Mtonga

To my sponsors at Academic Work, I hope this letter finds you all well and in good health. I truly pray that God will bless you abundantly for the rest of your lives. May God bless you for all the hard work you do which enables you to assist in sponsoring less fortunate people like me. Thank you for supplying me with the tools i will need to have a better future. I pray that once I complete school I will also be able to help people the way you do. Rosemary Malunga

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