Disability is not inability

Throughout the years it has been of paramount importance for Response Network to emphasize on the inclusion of people with disabilities. It is necessary for all people to feel included and part of the community and to feel empowered to add value to their communities. We spoke to Mr.Steven Mpange who is living with disability was attending a disability networking meeting. He had this to say.

This networking meeting and meetings like this have opened the eyes of us people living with disabilities. I never knew that Response Network gives such good information about the inclusion of Persons Living With Disabilities (PLWDs) within sport.

It is such a great platform for those of us living with disabilities to combat the stigma associated with disability and it also gives a boost to our self esteem and confidence in whatever sport we are involved in. The most important lesson that can be learnt is that disability does not equal inability and we can achieve our goals and also keep our bodies and minds fit.”

He went ahead to narrate how when he was born, his parents were told that he was a curse due to the fact that he was born with a disability and he praises all his parent’s efforts because they are the reason he is where he is today.

I am so happy that gone are the days when people used to view disability as a curse and i could not be any happier that people are becoming more aware of the fact we are unable to contribute positively to the community and I have Response Network to thank for that”

Steven (in the blue shirt) pictured above at the disability networking meeting

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