Introducing FK/YSEP 2016-2017 Pt.1

If you’ve been keeping up with the Joneses or in this case with Response Network, you will know by now that we always look forward to receiving a new crop of Fredskorpset (FK) also knows as Youth Sport Exchange Program (YSEP) volunteers.

The deal is that we receive and send a volunteer/volunteers for 10 months in which time they impart as well as receive new skills. This year we received 3 volunteers, Maurice Kamau; Ingrid Renli and Martin Reymert. We also sent one of our very own, George Siachabi to go and represent the program, Response Network as well as Zambia in the beautiful country of Tanzania.

In this specific post however, we are shining a little spotlight on the first volunteer mentioned and that is Maurice Kamau. We’ve gotten to know Maurice a little bit and find him to be a very affable and energetic young man. Always with a ready smile and a warm handshake and never short of a story to tell. Instead of speaking about him in the third person, we decided to just have him write down a few words to introduce himself to you and here they are.

My name is Maurice Muge Kamau. I am 25 years old and i love football generally as well as watching movies an listening to music. Back home (Kenya) I have an U-12 and U-14 boys team as well as U-16 girls team and a senior men’s team.

I am a volunteer in an NGO called Christian Sports Contact (CHRISC) and i am now also a YSEP 2016-17 volunteer. I am based in a village called Musokotwane (southern Zambia) and so far the program has gone well. I’ve learn some new cultures and also different local languages (nyanja).

I am very much looking forward to being more exposed to the Zambian culture.”

That was it from Maurice, stay tuned to our blog as in the coming weeks, we’ll be introducing our other two volunteers, Ingrid and Martin!

To catch up and be kept up on what the volunteers will be doing, Follow us on Instagram, response_network.

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