The Eagle has landed

You might be wondering what our headline means but hopefully it caught your attention. Most people use this phrase to signal the arrival of some very important person or people. In this case, the important people we are referring to are our partners and friends at Academic Work.

We have a nice mix as usual, some of our visitors hail from the Sweden office and some come from the Finland office! They arrived at RN offices bright and early with smiles at the ready on November 16th. We had an introduction session (video on our instagram page) with our travelers before they headed off to our local shopping mall as usual to go purchase a few items before heading out for the nitty gritty.

The first stop was at Nampongo Community School where there was an exhibition by various women’s groups that have been facilitated by RN and our partners as well as sports matches. A delicious lunch which included traditional “pap” or “nshima” made out of mealie meal; rice; goat meat; chicken and cabbage before awards were handed out to the best clubs.

Camping took place further off at Sinagombe Community School where tents were pitched and night time entertainment with drums and dancing started as well as dinner of course. The following morning, the visitors got to visit with their assigned host families and got to get a little taste of what life is like in the rural areas.

From the look of things,everyone had a grand old time and are looking forward to interacting with our sponsorship girls on Saturday at the Kubala Girls barbeque. Look out for a post on that as well. For more pictures and video, head over to our Instagram page @response_network.

(photos will be added to this post momentarily)

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