International Day of the Disabled

December 3rd marked a very special day. The International Day of the Disabled or IDD was kicked off at the Livingstone City Council parking lot with a march past. Marching for a cause is a Zambian tradition, and this day was no different.

The procession was led by a brass band and our so popular majorettes. Organizations of all sorts came out, including Cheshire homes who marched along with their excited children who all have one disability or another. The march past procession made its way through the Livingstone town center to where the actual even would be held which was the Zambia Air Force (ZAF) junior officer’s mess also known as Chopper House.

What made this event even more special was the fact that the organizing committee had decided against having external entertainment but instead had the people with disability (PWDs) put on various acts ranging from dancing to poetry reading and drama sketches, all of which were thoroughly enjoyed. The event was graced by the Mayor of Livingstone and he too got into the festivities and danced alongside the PWDs.

In closing, a delicious light lunch was served for all to enjoy and sadly the day was over. The countdown to the next one (yes, in a year’s time) has begun.

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