A warm welcome

On February 27th, we received 4 students from University-College of Oslo, Norway! We are always excited to welcome visitors and students here at RN.


The students are Baard Dalhaug (23); Atle Pedersen (24); Maren Rejve (23) and Hummeam Khan (26). Baard and Maren are being hosted at Nampongo Village and Atle and Hummeam are being hosted at Siakasipa Village. They are all studying to become Physical Education (PE) teachers.

“We are here for three weeks on an exchange program and we are very much looking forward to experiencing a different culture and teaching the communities something new,” said Baard. To which Hummeam added that that they hope to return to Norway having known more about Zambia and its culture.

We’ll ask them more about their experiences once they have had a chance to experience the rural areas first hand. But for now we wish them luck and a hearty welcome to Livingstone!

*Photo of the students available on our Instagram page (response_network) and our Facebook page (Response Network)

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