Intl. Women’s Day 2017

International day for women or Women’s Day is always an occasion to look forward to and this year’s was no exception. The RN team prepped for 3 whole weeks for this day to go off without a hitch and thankfully it did.

This day is celebrated countrywide and province and district-wide. RN participated in Kazungula District last year and thus opted to participated in Zimba District which on a slow day is about 45 minutes drive from Livingstone. The festivities though delayed turned out to be entertaining and well worth the wait. The Guest of Honor for the function was the District Commissioner who is appropriately for the celebration, a female. The DC urged the offices in charge of land to begin making the purchase of land easier for women as they are the mothers of the nation and a vital part of all systems.

There was dancing galore at the venue of Zimba Secondary School which we got to after a march past from Zimba Civic Center. There was even believe it or not, an eating contest consisting of 5 participants trying to eat as much of the loaf of bread they were given and drink as much of the two bottles of coco-cola they were given within the short span of five minutes. After much toiling and much ado, one person emerged victorious winning herself K50. The second and third runner up received K25 and K10 respectively.

Have a look at the pictures from the event on our Facebook and Instagram pages, however we will upload additional pictures into this article as they become available.

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