Introducing FK/YSEP 2016-2017 Pt.3

Last but not least in this series is our male Youth Sport Exchange Program/Fredskorset volunteer from Norway. Here he gives us a little insight into who he is.

My name is Martin Steen Reymert, I am twenty-five years old and I am currently working and living in Livingstone, Zambia, as a sport volunteer for a local NGO called Response Network.

Growing up in Oslo, Norway, I was always engaged in different sports activities, football being the sport I pursued most seriously. After I quit playing, I continued coaching for almost five years, thus I have a good amount of experience in this field. After I graduated from high school, I continued my academic career attending The University of Edinburgh, in Scotland. In June 2016 I graduated with a Master of Arts in Sociology, having written my dissertation on the topic of sport and integration of ethnic minorities.  Proven by my past experiences, I have always found sport and its function as a tool for social development, very interesting indeed.

Here in Livingstone, I have, in close cooperation with a local football club called Nirngo United F.C., initiated a football academy for local children and youth. We have now managed to get close to one-hundred registered participants, who range from 6-16 years of age. Moreover, one of the most important achievements this far has been engaging 4 of the local U21 players to coach the younger children. By focusing on local empowerment, we can be hopeful that the academy will live on after my departure for Norway.

We’ve now introduced you to all three of our YSEP volunteers for the 2016/17 period, their exchange is sadly almost coming to an end in a few short month, however lets cross that goodbye bridge when we get to it.


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