Norwegians to cycle for L/stone sports complex

As reported by the Mast Newspapers

Norwegians to cycle for L/stone sports complex
By Edwin Mbulo in Linvingstone on March 1, 2018

SEVEN Norwegians based in Livingstone will in April cycle over 600 kilometers from Lusaka to raise money for a multi-purpose sports complex to be built at the SOS Village in the tourist capital.
In an interview, chief organiser Raymond Bommen said 40,000 Norwegian Kroner (approximately K50,000) had so far been raised for the effort.
“We will be cycling from Lusaka to Livingstone on April 9, covering distances of 100 kilometres on a daily basis, for five days and our target is to raise K120,000, which is about 100,000 Norwegian Kroner. We intend to build a multi-purpose sports facility at SOS here in Livingstone which will help in sports development,” he said.
The other cyclists are Kristina Anthall, Gina Bakke Bolstad, Fulie Berg, Sofie Rasmussen, Preciosa Lurås and Haakon Schiøtz.
Bommen said the K50,000 raised so far was from friends and organisations in Norway, adding that the team was appealing for support from Zambian business houses and individuals.
He said Livingstone needed a multi-purpose sports facility.
“We noted that we needed a sports facility that can be accessible to every child, non-governmental organisations, schools and others at no fee. We also needed it to be secure in terms of security for 24 hours, so we decided to have it at the SOS Village here in Livingstone and the SOS will budget for the maintenance of the facility,” said Bommen

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