Zambia’s rural sports talent not tapped-RN

As appeared in The Mast Newspapers of Saturday October 28,2018

RESPONSE Network says Zambia shall continue to lag behind with regards international sporting events as long as talent in rural areas is not tapped.
And Kazungula’s Situwa and 11 Champions FC’s of Sikaunzwe and Ngwezi villages respectively have been clowned this year’s Response Network Independence Cup football champions.
In an interview, Response Networks sports coordinator Annet Sonko said the tournaments under the theme ‘Together as One’ held in the two villages were preceded by some educational lectures on sports development and disability and HIV/AIDS awareness.
“We held two Independence Tournaments on Wednesday and Thursday in the two villages in Kazungula districts. The aim of the tournaments was to enhance sports development and awareness on issues to do with disability and HIV and AIDS. We at Response Network have realised that as long as talent in rural areas is not tapped Zambia’s participation in international events will continue to lag behind,” Sonko said.
She gave an example of Zambia’s failure to make a mark at this year’s Youth Olympic Games in Buenos Aires, Argentina held recently.
Sonko added that Response Network with the assistance of the Norwegian Olympic and Paralympics Committee and Confederation of Sport (NIF) shall continue to host sports tournaments in rural areas of Kazungula, Zimba and Kalomo districts and appealed for sponsorship partnerships.
Sonko said in Sikaunzwe Situwa FC beat Shooting Stars FC 2-0 to lift the gold trophy, while in 3rd and 4th positions was Mwine United FC who beat Zambezi Eagles 1-0.
In Netball Sonko said Mwine United beat Zambezi Eagles 6-4, while Kingfisher was 3rd after beating Shooting Stars 4-3.
In Ngwezi, Amon Kasweka also of Response Network’s sports team announced that 11 Champions FC thrashed Vegetable Growing FC 4-0 to lift the gold Independence trophy, Super Stars FC were in third
position after beating Power United 2-1.
And Kasweka said God Knows Queens beat Rhino Swimmers 8-6 to be crowned champions while Wipers beat Queen Lions 4-2 to be in 3rd and 4th positions respectively.

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