Computer Literacy has steadily been moving away from being a luxury into being a necessity. With the technology age not going anywhere, and indeed intensifying as the years go by, the need to be more than a little conversant in computers is becoming more and more important.

According to an Information and Communication Technology (ICT) survey carried out in 2018, only 6.8 percent of individuals across the country reported to know how to use a computer. The majority of individuals across the country had basic computer skills and mainly undertook basic activities on the computer. The proportion of individuals across the country with relatively more advanced ICT skills was low. The distribution of individuals according to their se based on the type of ICT skills revealed that the majority of individuals with the identified skills were mainly male. Due to this, and also the glaring lack of equipment in schools, leading to children being computer illiterate and failing or dropping ICT, computer lessons began to be held at the Resource Center located at our offices for the girls and now boys on the sponsorship program. The children have a trained ICT teacher to help them navigate the syllabus and we are proud that most, if not all the students have drastically improved in the subject at school.

The ICT teacher and RN staffer, Jocyline has done a great job of motivating the students to regularly attend the lessons and the numbers keep improving every term. Our partners at Academic Work supported us with the Resource Center and the computers and laptops that are used for these lessons, however with the growing number of students attending lessons, more equipment would make things so much better for the students to really be able to get as much out of these lessons as possible. If you or anyone you know would like to add some support to this initiative, feel free to contact us and don’t forget to follow our social media for more updates!

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