It’s becoming increasingly difficult to find something peppy and upbeat to write about during times such as these. I think none of us has ever seen a virus just escalating at the magnitude that COVID-19 has.

What started as just a rumored or small and contained outbreak in Wuhan, China has led to countless people’s lives being affected. The global cases have are rising at an exponential rate and we are all basically living in fear. The cases as at this today, March 30th, have reached nearly 800, 000 total and deaths have totaled at 37,840.

At RN we’ve taken as many measures we can at this time, sadly our country’s economic status does not allow for citizens to be able to quarantine at home 24/7 as they are in countries such as the United States, therefore it does pose some risk traversing to and from work a day but we are taking care to keep ourselves and our surroundings sanitary at all times, avoiding unnecessary movements and only working half day at the office and the rest of the day, working from home.

It’s quite scary moving about and not knowing where the virus may be lurking or if and when you can be hit by it, moreover when you’re exposed to other people coming from all over Zambia and abroad as well. We’ll continue to lift everyone around the world in prayer and hope for a vaccine to be pushed out as soon as possible. Thank you to all health workers and others on the front lines putting themselves at risk every day for the greater good. You are appreciated more than you know. For regular updates follow @bbc and @who for factual updates on COVID-19. Until next week, stay safe, stay sane, sanitize, self-isolate.

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