Kebby Siakachela

Kebby Siakachela is a coach for Chambya Football and Netball club. Chambya FC was born from Luyaba Football team which had over 56 players. The number of players was obviously too high and consequently, a lot of the players couldn’t get the shine they deserved and the less skilled workers couldn’t get the coaching they needed. As a result, Kebby and a few like-minded players decided to start up a new team that would give chance to everyone despite of the potential that they had. Chambya team started with 15 male players in 2019 , and in a bid for inclusion, 10 women joined later on as well which enabled the team to have a netball division as well. As of now the team is comprised of 25 committed young men and Women.

Income Generating Activities can be seen as the initiation phase in the progression to small business development. It is difficult to make the transition from being unemployed and lacking in skills to being self-employed and capable of managing a business operation. Chambya football/Netball Club, through the knowledge shared by RN on clubs starting IGAs for them to be self-reliant, started by donating K1 whenever they would gather for trainings. When they had amassed K150, they bought one goat and also started organic gardening. The team currently has a total of 13 goats and alongside the garden they are running. They sell their produce in the market at Luyaba center and thereafter are able to buy sport equipment. Your past and your circumstances do not define you, and people like Kebby teach us that every day.

The teams’ organic vegetable garden

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  1. Kebby Siakaceta is surely a motivational coach as said because a lot of players are leaving their clubs and join his club (chaambya). I personally leant a lot from him the few years we have lived together.God bless him

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