The Community School Run-Down

As you can probaby tell by our slogan of self-help faciliation, our goal is to equip people with the knowledge and motivate them to start up their own activities that they can all benefit from as a community. Here’s how this works in terms of a community school. Oftentimes and its pretty common knowledge by now that children have to walk very long distances in order to reach schools and this can be very tiring for the child. Imagine having to walk over 10km a day, just to sit and learn all day and then trek back home. Doesn’t sound too great does it? Our goal is to help make things a little easier for these children, because learning can be challenging on its own.

Areas and communities that have this challenge, will be given the opportunity to apply to our office and will be required to have a ‘show of commitment’ in the form of upfront building materials. After approval has been gained and upfront materials have been sufficiently gathered, the school is then supported with construction materials for either a classroom, a classroom extension or a staff house. An example of some of the construction materials which are given can be seen in the above pictures that depict the materials that were delivered recently to Namsute Community School. (Read more about this on our social media pages).

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