While everyone across the globe has been affected by COVID-19 in one way or another, some motivated self-help clubs in Nyawa under the mentorship of one Community Education volunteer, organized a celebration to show gratitude for the knowledge they acquired from Response Network.

Six clubs meet at a shelter they built in village Malumani with the aim to transform the lives of women in their area. The women suffer long distances of looking for water, poverty, and the low – illiteracy levels impact negatively on their self- esteem. The women mobilized themselves after the self-help facilitation to form women clubs and share ideas on how they can improve their lives in the remote area they are living in. Now they have started seeing fruits of their commitment and wanted to share this happiness with other community members inviting other women to join them and enjoy what they have enjoyed through women clubs.

An idea planted some years ago has grown into quality production of local items such as;  grass products, recycled items to needlework, and much more. The water situation in the area is so untenable that women have to cover 12 kilometers in search of water. This situation has prompted the women to mobilize the villagers so that they block one of the seasonal streams to make a dam. At the time the RN team visited the place, the works had reached an advanced stage with the hope that by the coming rain season some water would start collecting in the dam for their livestock and their use.

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