2021 Inclusive Festival

The Inclusive Festival is an annual event held to bring together a diverse grouping of children from the participating partner organizations. The event is a wonderful opportunity for Children with Disabilities (CWDs) and those without disabilities to get together, interact, and enjoy a day of fun with various sporting activities.

We had with us 12 children who were a mix of children from Livingstone as well as our rural working areas. To say the kids had an absolute blast, would be an understatement. They had a day of running around, playing, and we can’t forget snack time. The children also got to meet two amazing examples of black girl magic, Second Lieutenant for the Zambia Airforce Catherine Phiri, and Olympic Sprinter Rhoda Njovu. The two ladies got the crowd hyped and let the children know that with a lot of determination and dedication, they too can be at the top of their chosen fields.

Photo op with Second Lieutenant, Catherine Phiri and Olympic Sprinter, Rhoda Njovu

For the kids, it was their first time leaving their home environment and you could tell from the look of awe on their faces as they looked at all the cars zooming past and high-rise buildings that it was something they never expected to see.

We are so happy to be a part of this event and witness the pure joy of a child. Our kids may face a lot of challenges in their day-to-day life but it is in moments like these when they can just cut loose and have fun in abundance. The kiddos were also taken around Lusaka for a little bit of sightseeing. I’m sure the tales received by their guardians will last weeks. For more pictures and videos, see our social media platforms.

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