Farewell for Now

Hello everyone and welcome to another blog post! Last week we had a chance to bid somewhat of a farewell to our two lovely Youth Sport Exchange Program (YSEP) participants, Getrude Zimba and Peter Miyoba.

Due to the pandemic, the YSEP program which usually involves participants traveling to other countries had to be tailored to adjust to the new normal for now. As such partner organizations “exchanged” participants instead of sending them abroad/overseas, they are sent to another organization. That being said, we received two participants from Sport in Action, Getrude, and Peter who we had introduced you to six months ago. The two were placed in Njabalombe and Kasikili villages respectively and have since completed their exchange period.

Getrude carrying out Physical Education lessons with pupils at Njabalombe

We had them over to do their last presentation detailing their stays and the work they did. From their presentations and interactions we have had, it is obvious that a great deal of work has been put in and we are certain that the structures and practices they put into place will continue to flourish. Best of luck to them both!

Getrude fondly spoke of her host parents during her presentation
Peter recounting his favorite moments of the exchange
Cake Time!

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