Twas the Season

We’ve all heard the saying “tis the season for giving” when it comes time for the festive season right. Well with the help of our truly amazing partners at Academic Work of Sweden, we were able to do just that. I don’t know whether one could characterize this as a tradition but since this activity was carried out in 2020 as well as 2021, I suppose one could call it a tradition. Historically in December, we would hold a Christmas party for our children under the sponsorship program. However, since the onset of Covid-19, we had to think of ways to do something for the children without necessitating the holding of a huge gathering and also help them at the household level as a lot of parents and guardians have been deeply affected by the pandemic.

Hence the idea for the hamper distribution was born. The 2021 Christmas hampers were inclusive of a 10kg bag of mealie meal, 2kg sugar, 1.5kg salt, a pack of beans, 2litre cooking oil, 2x bath soap, and a pack of sanitary pads. To some, these may seem like a small number of items but anyone privy to the state of the economy and the cost of living would know just how precious these basic items may be. We are so glad to be able to ease the burden on guardians even a little bit. Most of the guardians are in the service industry and that is an industry that has been hit hard by the pandemic and we’re sure these goods went some way towards easing their burden over the festive season. The ceremonial handover ceremony was held on December 28th and was graced by the District Commissioner for Livingstone city, Mrs Eunice Nawa.

We got an article in the paper. Credit: Daily Nation

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