Response Network Zambia has been a front-runner in helping people help themselves since 2005, collaborating with thousands of locals to make them aware of how essential it is to utilize local resources to combat poverty. Since its launch, we have been devoted to providing access to high-quality education for female children and this was achieved by the sponsorship program.

Response Network and its partners, such as Akind (through Academic Work Sweden), Norges Idrettsforbund (NIF) which is also known as the Norwegian Olympic and Paralympic Committee and Confederation of Sports, and some individual benefactors have made it possible for thousands of girls to receive an education that would have otherwise been unavailable. Furthermore, Response Network not only assists girls in completing their schooling from Grade 1 to 12, but also supports a chosen few in obtaining tertiary education such as teaching, nursing, and medicine.

Gloria Lungu, who has been orphaned twice, was the beneficiary of tertiary support. When she was three, her father passed away and when she was sixteen her mother also passed away. In order to fund her primary and junior secondary school, Gloria was aided by her sister and benefactors, however, this was not permanent. Her school’s guidance teacher was the one who connected her to Response Network, who started to support her during Grade 10. After completing secondary education, Gloria applied to the Livingstone College of Nursing and Midwifery. Response Network again came through with financial support for this leg of her learning journey. Thanks to her hard work and dedication, she was presented with the “Best student in Theory” and “Best Overall Student” accolades at the college’s graduation event in Choma, which was held on October 7th, 2022.

“The love, support, and encouragement made me stronger and work even harder. I worked hard and my hard work paid off. I didn’t imagine myself as being the best student in theory and overall best and for this I thank God. I am who I am today because of Response Network. Without them, I wouldn’t be educated and a Registered Nurse. They are a blessing to my life and I will forever be grateful,” shared Gloria in an appreciation message to the organization.

We remain dedicated to providing the tools for a better future through education to vulnerable girls as the new year commences.

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