A Visit to Ngwenya Compound-Twambo Chingobe’s story

“Each time we act to improve the life of another person… we send forth a ripple of
hope in that appears to be a hopeless society.”
Twambo Chingobe
Twambo Chingobe is a 15 year old girl from Ngwenya compound in Livingstone. Twambo was
a twin at birth unfortunately she lost her twin sister. Later in life Twambo
lost her father, this loss was an uphill battle as the relatives to her father
were not anything to fall back on; properties were grabbed from Twambo and her
mother. This made Twambo and her mother seek alternatives to survive, they
moved to their village in Kalomo.
However, Twambo’s mother died in the village this made her future even bleaker. Her aunt
came to her rescue by bringing her back to Livingstone to continue with her
Her aunty is married to a bricklayer who is not in full time employment. Twambo’s aunty has no stable job too.  She moves around in low density areas to do piece meal jobs of laundering people’s clothes, cleaning yards to make a bit of money.
Twambo and her new family have no housing of their own. The house they live in is for someone who is not even their relation but needed somebody to take care of his property so in the mean time asked them to live at this particular house as care takers. Besides Twambo there are seven other people residing here. These all have to share the only 1 room which is complete.
Twambo's house
Having caring neighbours; the boys from Twambo’s household have been offered space to spend nights to allow for space in the 1 room Twambo shares with her aunt, uncle and the other girls in the family. Twambo is asthmatic and sometimes faces challenges with
her health especially in the cold season when she experiences frequent asthmatic attacks which to some extent affect her performance at school.
Despite this hectic side of her life Twambo in a very hardworking and bubbly child both at home and at school. Today Twambo attends school at Ngwenya Community School
through the sponsorship she gets from Academic Work of Sweden. She is in her 8th grade. Twambo’s limit is the sky, with hard work as her strength Twambo is determined to soar higher.
Sibyl Chavis wrote:

You can spend minutes, hours, days, weeks or even months overanalyzing a
situation, trying to put the pieces together, justifying what could’ve,
would’ve, should’ve happened … Or, you can stop wasting your time, take
advantage of your best option today … And just move on, appreciating the moment
you have right now and living in the best way possible.

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