Melody Mungole’s Story

‘Where I am today is far from where I will be in future.’

Melody's family

Every child has dreams and it is their wish that their dreams come true. However sometimes the circumstances they find
themselves in tend to make the achievement of these dreams farfetched.
Melody Mungole is one such child at 13 years, who lives in Ngwenya, a large township in Livingstone and she was orphaned while still quite young she is being taken care of by her aunty who is also a widow.
Apart from Melody in this household there are five other children living here; luckily for them Melody’s grandfather owned a plot before passing on and this is where Melody’s family managed to build 3 rooms. One of the 3 rooms is where Melody’s family stays and the other 2 rooms are rented out to meet daily needs.
Generally, it is tough just to survive in Ngwenya,as there is an absence of the basic amenities like piped water, decent housing to mention but a few.

Bathroom at Melody's house

Despite all this, Melody s aunty has not relented, she works hard to ensure that the children she is taking care of have a meal by being involved in a stone crashing business which is a common business venture for most households in Ngwenya.
From her stone crashing business Melody s aunty makes about K10, 000 i.e. ($2) profit which she supplements with the money received from the rented rooms.
Education wise, Melody’s situation looked hopeless but not for long as help was on the way.
She got sponsorship from Academic work at Ngwenya basic through Response Network. She is now in grade 8 and her dreams of becoming someone in future have been restored. What is left is for Melody to do her part and drive herself to her destiny the rest is history.

Response Network team at Melody's house

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