Lunch o´clock

We did it! We prepared lunch the African way. We couldn´t find the lady with the pumpkin leaves so there was no chibwabwa on the table. But instead cabbage saved us and worked out as relish. I guess I could leave out that it took about 4 hours, but here is not the right place to take undeserved cred.























































Some happy faces? Hopefully!



Behind the scenes: Elizabeth was a star and helped us every time we felt lost. I was also taught that not preparing the nshima correct is a valid reason for the man to ask for divorce. No wonder the ladies are so skilled preparing this heavy maize.
























Annely offers a helping hand as there was not enough cooking plates.


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  • Frayor

    Come on Jocke, you deserve the credit! The meal was scrumptious, yummy, tasty, etc! We just hope you will still be able to prepare a few more meals – this time with chibwabwa on the menu!

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