A visit that will last for a long time

Thoughts from Tina and Johanna, AW-colleagues:

After 4 hours in the Jeep, bobbing up and down on gravel roads we reached our second village. Under the tree where we camped was previously the place for teaching, before the school was built. At each visit in the different villages, we were met by happy dancing villagers. The wealth of the villages is measured in number of cattle. A rich man has about 40 cows. Everyone in the village conveys an immense joy and pride in what they have – even though they do not always have food for the day. To show their appreciation they slaughtered a goat and there was a big party in the evening with dancing and singing. The jump rope and balls that we gave the kids was the highlight of the day. The village had soccer goal posts but no real football. It is so clear what a huge difference that Academic Work and Response Network have done for this village. It’s a special feeling to see the result so close. All impressions of the experience in the villages are something we will late forget.

//Tina and Johanna




































































































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  • Amon Kasweka

    May God Almight richly bless you and give you wisdom of understand. Thanks very much for your good works in my land.

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