EDUCATION FOR THE WIN: One young woman’s journey to a better life

Mutinta with some RN staff after delivering the face masks

In case you were about as baffled reading this week’s title as I was coming up with it, allow me to explain. In most cases, save a few, education has been the key to people being able to better themselves and to be […]


Today’s blog post finds us in Nampongo village which is about 60km from Livingstone. Nampongo is a hub of activities and the community members have really taken to RN’s self-help philosophy. It is imperative to us, that communities are able to gain the knowledge they are given by our facilitators and utilize said knowledge […]


To commemorate #saferinternetday that passed not too long ago (check our socials), we decided to look a little closer into the phenomenon that is the internet and social media to be specific.

The internet and social media have quickly become things that are not that easy to forego. I for one know that […]

Self-Help is the best Help

As you can probably ascertain from our slogan, RN believes in empowering communities with knowledge in order for them to be able to create sustainable income generating activities. In a bid to encourage communities to sustain the activities that they start up through our sensitization, it is important to give them all the […]